Hail Travelers from Far and Wide! 
Welcome to the Legends of Valeros store!

Alpha Ranks: The Legends of Valeros server is currently under development. Having recently released alpha, we have opened the server to a select few players who wish to be a part in the creation of the server. Buying the Alpha rank is a 1 time payment, granting private access on to Valeros' servers automatically, and immediately letting you be a part in molding the world.

Leave your mark: Ever wanted to be a part of a game? To have your own, specially designed, sword, an NPC modeled directly after your likeness, or a quest-line weaved specifically in your honor? Well, we've put together these packages specifically for you. Claim your place in the world of Valeros. Make your eternal mark in the game.

Why should I donate? Running a server of this scale is certainly not cheap, nor are developers, and this server is no exception. Your donations and purchases go directly to paying for the hardware and paying our hard-working staff of devs. Plus, who doesn't love perks?

All payments are final